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Expensifier - Expense Manager

Expensifier - Expense Manager

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Does money fly out of your wallet or bank cards? And that without a trail? We've all been there, so excited and enthusiastic on our payday only to be lost a few days or weeks later where did it all go.

Merely adopting a habit of logging the expenses makes your mind conscious of your spending behavior. Yes, it takes some time to make Expensify a part of your routine, but, so does every other habit.

You have to invest in some effort and before you know, you might be more eager to spend only to log your expenses in it. :)

Give it a shot. And since it's free, what's your excuse not to?

We look forward to help you master your finances.

Team Expensify :)

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    之前听同学说这里有Expensifier - Expense Manager1.2.0下载,还真有,我找Expensifier - Expense Manager好久了
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    讲真,金融财务里我只服Expensifier - Expense Manager,不解释
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    以前这个Expensifier - Expense Manager大小很小,现在居然都已经46.8MB了