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Euro Currency Converter

Euro Currency Converter

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  • 语言:英语
  • 类别:金融财务
  • 系统:ios
Euro Currency Converter
Euro Currency Converter
Euro Currency Converter
Easy Currency gives you the world leading currency exchange rates right at your palm. You can sort exchange rates, calculate rates and choose your favourite rates.
Easy Currency is perfect when you are:
- Going on vacation abroad
- Shopping on the Internet
- Discussing the rate of Yen with your mates
The application contains the follow currencies: US dollar, Japanese yen, Bulgarian lev, Czech koruna, Danish krone, Estonian kroon, Pound sterling, Hungarian forint, Lithuanian litas, Latvian lats, Polish zloty, New Romanian leu 1, Swedish krona, Swiss franc, Norwegian krone, Croatian kuna, Russian rouble, Turkish lira, Australian dollar, Brasilian real, Canadian dollar, Chinese yuan renminbi, Hong Kong dollar, Indonesian rupiah, Indian rupee, South Korean won, Mexican peso, Malaysian ringgit, New Zealand dollar, Philippine peso, Singapore dollar, Thai baht, South African rand.

Currencies are updated daily from The European Central Bank.

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    讲真,金融财务里我只服Euro Currency Converter,不解释
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    还在研究Euro Currency Converter中,很多功能不会用~~
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    Euro Currency Converter在使用过程中有些小问题,希望官方以后能够解决