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ETF System Trader

ETF System Trader

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ETF System Trader
ETF System Trader
ETF System Trader is a subscription-based service that provides black box trading systems that determine position entry and exit through technical analysis. As a subscriber, you will get to pick up to 10 unique trading systems. Trading systems that are selected by a subscriber are kept secret to that subscriber. ETF System Trader provides you with the tools to determine when to get in and out of selected exchange traded funds ("ETF"). ETF System Trader does not recommend or provide advice on which ETFs to invest in nor the merits or value of individual ETFs. Please see our "Terms of Use" for the conditions to which you must agree to subscribe to this service.

All Trading Systems in ETF System Trader are unique by the ETF, entry criteria, and exit criteria. Trading systems will provide the full backtesting results showing the expectancy of the particular system.

This service provides trading systems that are for longer trading periods. These trading systems are not suitable for Day Traders, and those looking for get rich quick promises with incredible claims of ROI. The trading systems that are provided are for those that are looking to get a better return than just buying and holding with a lesser drawdown risk.

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