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Etax Mobile App

Etax Mobile App

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Etax Mobile App
Etax Mobile App
Etax Mobile App
Etax Mobile App
Etax Mobile App
Etax Mobile App
The Etax Mobile App is the fastest, easiest way to do your tax return on mobile. The app makes it simple to do your tax return and helps you get the full tax refund you deserve - fast.

Easily save your receipts and tax deductions all year round, which can really boost your refund at tax time.

Proudly built by Etax Accountants’ inhouse developers, the app complements the popular online tax return available at Etax.com.au - Australia's most popular online tax agent service.


1. Snap photos of your work-related tax receipts and store them in one convenient place.
2. Record a tax deduction or expense anytime (like keeping a logbook to boost your tax refund).
3. Send your Etax Accountant a message, right from your phone or tablet.
4. Complete your tax return on the go, in minutes.
5. Have peace of mind knowing your return has been checked by qualified accountants and lodged correctly.
We aim to maximise your tax refund and to help you lodge a correct tax return that will not lead to ATO troubles.

Is it free?

The app is free to download and use, including saving receipts. To lodge a tax return using this app or via the online return at Etax.com.au, both of which include tax agent checking and support, involves a low, fair fee and a quality tax agent service. The standard Fast Etax Return fee is just AU$68.90, including tax agent checking and support. Additional tax schedules for more complex returns or business returns involve additional fees, as does the fee from refund service.

What about the ATO?

This app is not provided by or associated with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). ATO apps and services do not include any tax agent support or tax advice. The ATO’s job is to collect taxes. A tax agent’s job is to help make taxes easier for you, help you get the full tax refund you deserve and help you avoid tax troubles.

Compared with the ATO, Etax Accountants (and this app) offer the latest technology to help make your tax return easy and maximise your tax refund — plus the confidence of knowing your tax return is checked and reviewed by qualified accountants.

To learn more about Etax Accountants and Australia’s favourite online tax agent service, please visit etax.com.au.

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