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Equitymaster is India’s leading independent equity research initiative that provides honest views on companies listed on Indian stock markets. Publishing Daily Free e-Newsletters, Premium Stock Recommendation Services, Free Portfolio Tracker, numerous E-Learning Courses and a lot more. Since 1996, we have guided tens of thousands of investors in making intelligent investment decisions. in the Indian stock markets. Presently we have more than 1.4 million readers across 71 countries worldwide.

Our Mobile App has been designed to offer you the best that we have to offer and we invite you to try it today! Please note that this App is loaded with information, views, data and tools, most of which is available to you for Free. This mobile App will give you instant access to:

Today’s Market: An easy to read daily commentary on the stock market movements for the day with our opinions and views. Plus, a glimpse into the top gainers and losers for the day as well.

The 5 Minute WrapUp: Equitymaster’s Daily Free-for-life e-Newsletter that covers news and opinions which could have an impact on your investments. Access it on the go!

MyStocks: Keep track of your favorite stocks and ensure that you do not miss out on a Buying opportunity as soon as it arrives.

Portfolio Tracker: Our “Intelligent” Portfolio Tracker that not just gives an overview of your complete portfolio(s) but also gives you an opportunity to analyse it, just like an astute fund manager would. It does this by providing you with what we call “intelligent” reports. All at the click of a button… and Absolutely Free!

Chart of the Day: A Picture says a thousand words. And we publish one chart everyday that highlights a “hidden” insight that could affect your investment strategy or it could bring upfront issues which are usually “hidden” between the newspaper headlines!

Views on News: In addition our e-Newsletters we also publish hundreds of articles, recommended readings and a lot more for our valued readers. And you’ll have full access to our “views on news” section.

Free E-Newsletters: In addition to The 5 Minute WrapUp, we also publish Ajit Dayal’s e-newsletter “The Honest Truth” and “Daily Reckoning” by Bill Bonner and Vivek Kaul.

And if you’re a member of Equitymaster Family, this App will also give full access to:

Premium Services: StockSelect (Large Cap Recommendation Service), Hidden Treasure (Small Cap Recommendation Service), The India Letter (Stocks which could profit from India’s Growth story), ValuePro (Portfolio Recommendation Service), Microcap Millionaires (Microcap Stocks Recommendation Service), Alpha Trader (Derivative Recommendation Service), Swing Trader (Short-term stock recommendation service based on charting techniques)… and a lot more!

And THIS is just the beginning!

We’re confident that this app will further evolve over time to meet our goal of empowering you, the individual investor, with all the right tools, information, views and opinions to make smarter and more profitable investments.

So, Download the app right away and Join The Equitymaster Family!


We’re always delighted to hear from our valued readers. So, if you have any feedback, suggestions, queries or concerns please email us at info@equitymaster.com

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Twitter: www.twitter.com/equitymaster
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And please do visit our website as well: www.equitymaster.com

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