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Welcome to the Free Investors Hub & Advisors Platform.

Markets offer thousands of opportunities – but with many pitfalls. Investing (and selling) is a continuous activity and needs expertise / tools. Plenty of public sources offer buy ideas/ tips during bull markets and very little as the markets start to crash. Also, 95% of public news /recommendations are about buy Ideas and not sell Ideas.

Now, EquityLevers can help plan and manage investments better. Our unique platform can help:

1. Advisors (brokers, sub brokers, fund managers and others) will now be able to connect with client investors over our mobile app. Investors will benefit from direct actionable (one on one, password accessed) recommendations for buy and sell from these specialists who know the markets. Our versatile tools enable experts to write and post their content direct to the app accessible by investors.

2. You will find (in our Insight section) trending and relevant investment data/news that you can use. We hope to offer a one stop App to read all insights related to investments. We will be joined by other experts in posting trending insights for all to benefit. Please join us.

3. We provide forward estimates analytics for over 1000 companies which you can personalize and create your own watch list. These estimates can be modified (at our website) by you and personalized. Once modified your watch list will show your estimates and valuation analytics. These are again password controlled and encrypted.

4. We cover only investment worthy companies. There are over 3500 listed Indian companies; about 70% in our view are not investment worthy (without sufficient volumes/ profits). Most Apps are automated databases and hence give output from 3500 listed companies. Our screeners and market filters make sense and make it easier for investors and analysts.

Empower yourself to making better investment decisions - Sochkar, Samajkar, Investkar.

EquityLevers (website and app) can be used by students, investors, analysts, advisors and all those interested in investments.

EquityLevers is free to use and will become chargeable (but will remain the most affordable platform offering great value) for advanced web features and access to expert subscriptions, post the beta launch period.

App Features:
a. Screener
b. Estimates and Valuation charts based on our estimates
c. Custom screens based on trending industries / ideas
d. Useful market scans
d. Ratings based on algorithms that work.
e. Full suite of financial terminal with unique forward estimation tools at our website. Learn how to estimate forward earnings.
f. Unique report writing tools at our website
g. Insights / recommendations from experts and advisors as paid services. Equities, technical, derivative, portfolio management, mutual funds & other asset classes.

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