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EPiC Investing

EPiC Investing

  • 大小:23.4M
  • 语言:英语
  • 类别:教育教学
  • 系统:ios
EPiC Investing
EPiC Investing
EPiC Investing
EPiC Investing
EPiC Investing
The app for value investors who wants to efficiently evaluate stocks. The app enables individual smartphone users to easily assess any stocks on the go without depending on cumbersome laptops.

Stocks assessments time will be reduced significantly and in the same time it could even be enjoyable. The app presents numbers in the form of charts, making it possible to perform assessments in one glance.

The app also presents market capitalization industry group insight in the form of pie chart that make assessments convenient.

Research can be saved and easily retrieved for individual smartphone users to review at anytime.

The saved assessments will be presented with respective companies’ logo as well as the latest price movement. This enables the users to glance through their watch list in the beautiful and informative manner.

It is the only app in the market which has such high efficiency and value for evaluating stocks.

The app features including:
• company profile
• presentation and assessment of financial fundamental
• price movements
• market capitalization insight based on industry group
• stocks valuation based on growth, dividend and book value
• able to assess majority of US companies
• portfolio management
• more to come...

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    实在没想到EPiC Investing现在已经优化到23.4MB了,技术的确厉害
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    实在没想到我下载个EPiC Investing又给我安装了很多其它套餐。。无语