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Employee Schedule Pro

Employee Schedule Pro

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  • 语言:英语
  • 类别:商务办公
  • 系统:ios
Employee Schedule Pro
Employee Schedule Pro
Employee Schedule Pro
Employee Schedule Pro
Employee Schedule Pro
Employee Schedule Pro
Collaborate with your employees in a hassle free manner with the Employee Schedule app. This simple app allows you to keep a track of your employees on a weekly basis. It also helps you in managing the weekly pay of your employees.

Enter the name of your employees. Provision has been made to track up to eight employees at the same time. You can also enter their roles in the company. The hourly rate section let you enter the individual hourly rates for you employees.

Track their starting and leaving time over the entire week. Provision has been made for you to track your employees over the entire month on a weekly basis. Alternatively, you can track more employees (up to thirty) over a week, using the other sheets.

The app lets you calculate the total pay due for an employee on a weekly basis. This can be customised by the users as per their specific situation.

The app opens with a sample sheet, to give you an idea on its usage. You can also use this sheet along with the others, if needed.

If you want to send and discuss your Employee schedule plan with your employees or partners, Employee Schedule is an easy to use app for you. You can locally save, email or print the Employee Schedule for yourself. Coordinating with your employees made easier with the Employee Schedule app.

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    感觉比Employee Schedule Pro上一个版本好用,英语版免费软件
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    Employee Schedule Pro5顺利下载完成,很不错,Employee Schedule Pro最新版本就是棒
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    Employee Schedule Pro在同类软件里,体积已经非常小巧了,才21.2MB