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EMI Calculator & Planner

EMI Calculator & Planner

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Don't just calculate your EMI, plan it !!! Use this app to calculate your EMI (Equated Monthly Installment), plan your EMI i.e. increase or decrease your EMI or loan tenure or make a pre-payment against the loan, compare the total principal paid against the total interest paid over the full loan tenure in an easy to interpret graph. In addition this app takes into account the number of years for which you have already paid the loan.

** None - Calculate the EMI, the total outstanding principal, the total interest paid over the loan tenure, principal and interest to be paid in the current year.
** Pre-payment amount - Calculate the new decreased EMI or decreased loan tenure when you repay a part of the loan.
** Change EMI - Calculate the pre-payment to be made to decrease your EMI or the decreased loan tenure if you increase your EMI.
** Decrease tenure - Calculate your new increased EMI if you wish to decrease your loan tenure

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