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EJBC Chartered Accountants

EJBC Chartered Accountants

  • 大小:47.8M
  • 语言:英语
  • 类别:商务办公
  • 系统:ios
EJBC Chartered Accountants
EJBC Chartered Accountants
EJBC Chartered Accountants
EJBC Chartered Accountants
EJBC Chartered Accountants
EJBC Chartered Accountants
This powerful new free Finance & Tax App has been developed by the team at EJBC Chartered Accountants to give you key financial and tax information, tools, features and news at your fingertips, 24/7.

The EJBC Chartered Accountants App has been designed to be a useful place to get critical information whenever you need it. As always, the team at EJBC Chartered Accountants is on hand to provide professional, personal advice and guidance. The Finance &Tax App is packed with tools that you and our future clients will love, such as:

GPS Mileage Tracker – Instantly and automatically keep track of your important business miles with the App, using the in-built mileage tracker. What’s more you can export these ‘trips’ anytime to form part of your mileage claims.

Receipt and Expense Management - Thanks to this great feature you won’t need to pile up those receipts on your desk or risk losing them in a pocket, dashboard or box! Simply use your phone to photograph a receipt, categorise it and click save. You can review and export these at any time for your own use or email them to us to incorporate into your accounts.

Income Tracker – If you are managing a small number of income sources, you can use this App to track your income and manage and monitor your income and expenditure in one place.

You’ll find 17 great tax, VAT and financial calculators you can use at any time, from simple VAT calculators to more complex ones such as Salary versus Dividend or Company Car benefits. It’s all there in this free App.

You also get instant access to the latest business and personal accountancy facts, key dates and tax updates. Using the latest technology, the ‘News’ section will be updated directly by us, so you get the latest news, views and offers from EJBC Chartered Accountants - in real time, all through your App.

Enjoy the EJBC Chartered Accountants App with our compliments!

In the Mileage / Logbook tracker continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. The App uses GPS in the background to increase accuracy of results when tracking journeys.

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    商务办公软件我只认EJBC Chartered Accountants,功能强大不说,EJBC Chartered Accountants4.2.85软件才47.8MB。
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    好桑心,用了其它的商务办公软件后,回过头发现还是这个EJBC Chartered Accountants最适合我了。。
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    EJBC Chartered Accountants有没有破解版的啊,有的朋友麻烦推荐一下