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EI Tracker

EI Tracker

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How much you spend today? How much you spent last month or last year?

A day, looking back and realizing that a lot of your money was gone away but after trying and trying, you still can not remember where it went. After that, you wonder where I spent the money for then the money is continued spending for the stuffs that you not remember. It's a terrible loop with no escape so you can't save your money.

Don't worry, EI Tracker can help you track all your expense and income daily, monthly and yearly so when the above problem comes, just open EI Tracker, checking what took a lot of your money, don't spend for them again.

EI Tracker is very easy to use, it categorizes from year to day so go to the day to track then Bingo! It also reminds you remember tracking your finace at specific time on daily basic.

Tracking daily - wealthy future

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