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ECHO is a unique mobile App for Real Estate Agents. Send an ECHO-gram text or email and communicate and stay in contact with all your Prospects in a mobile and real time basis. Prospect areas include:

1. Geographic Farms
2. Past Clients
3. FSBOs and Expired

An ECHO-gram is a professional customizable communication delivered via email or text. ECHO interfaces with the Agent’s iPhone or iPad contact data base. ECHO is easy to use!

With ECHO, there is no need for ‘old school’ cold calling, door knocking, or expensive direct mailers and post cards. ECHO saves you time and money!

ECHO makes it easier and faster to communicate with prospects. ECHO gets you in front of the prospect first!

Farming ECHO-gram
Contact homeowners in your Geographic Farm on a regular basis with a Farming ECHO-gram. Impress prospective clients with a fast and current competitive market analysis, news in the neighborhood and your recent sales and listing results and announce an Open House or Events. For new Farms, contact emails and cell numbers may be secured from outside sources and cost an additional fee. Suggested sources include, Cole Resources (see About ECHO and Resources) and Title Insurance Reps (where allowed by State Real Estate Law). ECHO does not provide the emails or Cell numbers but does provide a CSV formatted spreadsheet utility for Uploads and Data Storage.

Past Clients ECHO-gram
Contact Past Clients several times a year on the anniversary of their purchase and on holidays with an ECHO. Provide them with an updated competitive market analysis, or news in the neighborhood or your sales and listing results. Per recent research, only 50% of Agents keep in contact with past clients.

FSBOs and Expired ECHO-gram
Per the research, about 25% of all properties for sale or lease are now represented by the Owners without Real Estate Agents. These properties are called For Sale or Rent by Owners (FSBOs for short) and Expired Listings. Research indicated that 90% of these sellers will fail and hire an Agent. Send an ECHO proposal and win that listing.

Send an ECHO-gram, Keep in Touch and Win More Business!

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