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Easypolicy Policy Manager

Easypolicy Policy Manager

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Easypolicy makes insurance easy. Keep all your insurance policies handy with our policy manager app. View, renew and launch claims on the go! No more missed renewals, misplaced documents or being tossed around for claims. Welcome to the one-stop-solution for all your insurance problems.

Even if you haven’t bought your policy from us, you can upload your policy by forwarding your softcopy to upload@easypolicy.com and it’ll magically appear on your app – within seconds!

Be it Car insurance, Health insurance or Life insurance plans like term, child or investment plans, the Easypolicy app can handle whatever you throw at it.

Your insurance policy papers seem to evade you when you need them the most. Be it when a cop pulls you over, or if you happen to pay the hospital a visit. You or your loved ones rarely know where to hunt for your policy documents.

With the Easypolicy policy manager app, you get ready access to all your policies. You can view your policy summary, or even download your policy documents for a more detailed view. You can also place service requests on the app if you want any of your information changed.

Moreover, the app will notify you when your renewal is due and you can pay your renewal premium at the touch of a button. No peskier renewal phone calls needed!

The app will even come to your rescue in case you want to launch a claim. Simply launch a claim against your policy and we will dedicate a claims manager to your request who will take up the issue with your insurance company.

We can handle policies from all top insurance companies in India and are adding more to the list every day.
We make insurance quick, simple and delightful and are committed to making it even easier. Do give us a visit at www.easypolicy.com in case you want to know more about us. And yeah, please don’t forget to download the app!

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    越更新越好用了,之前有些功能我都找不到,现在的Easypolicy Policy Manager太令我惊喜了
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    爱死华军软件园了!我好久都没找到这个Easypolicy Policy Manager,在这里居然发现它了