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Easy savings

Easy savings

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  • 语言:英语
  • 类别:金融财务
  • 系统:ios
Save your money making berieve and let's save wisely and store well!
"Easy savings" supports skillful savings by recording daily little saving and patience!

- Bear a place to drink one more to an evening drink, and input into "Easy savings"!
- If a discount ticket and a free ticket are used, it will input into "Easy savings" at once!
- Before shopping, let's ask yourself once again!
"whether you really want it or not"
"whether it to be necessity or not"
"Can you work it out without to buy it?"
If you do not need to buy it. It is an input to "Easy savings"!
- If you recieved money as a graduation gift, a wedding gift, etc, then input into "Easy savings"!
- As for giving up smoking, although it is difficult, one tobacco should bear in rare cases! If it bears, it inputs into "Easy savings"!

Please actually put the inputted "Easy savings" into a savings box or a bank account, and accumulate them not to use.
If "Easy savings" become a custom, the target amount of money will be able to be attained early unexpectedly!

Before beginning to use

1. Let's Set Up Target Amount of Money!
First of all, let's set up the target amount of money!
Determine some uses like travel expenses,school expenses,wedding expenses, a move, etc, then set up target amount of money.
If you achieve a target, you can wipe out the savings as you like!

2. Let's Set Up Category!
Beforehand, some categories are prepared.
The unnecessary thing should delete, and after it registers a category required for others, please begin to use it.
* The category currently used with savings cannot be deleted.

3. Let's Set Up Template!
Let's register as a template the item used repeatedly!
An input becomes easy.

4. Now, let's begin to use!

The main functions
- A setup of the target amount of money
- A setup of a category
- Template function
- List display (a day unit / a month unit / category unit)

E-mail: info@ironwill.co.jp
Please inform me of bug information, demand, etc. in mail and Twitter.
* In e-mail, please inform me of a soft name.
* In Twitter, please attach a hash tag.
* In the case of bug information, please unite and inform me also of a use model and OS.

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