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Expiration date management

Expiration date management

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Expiration date management
Expiration date management
Expiration date management
Expiration date management
Expiration date management
Expiration date management
Let ingredients without waste management in the "expiration date"!

"Expiration date" Is an application of the expiration date, expiration date management for food.

- Since it can be registered to take the photo, you can see what is left just by looking.
• The if you register the (expiration date) expiration date, you can see immediately better what you were using before or good.
- Since it can be retrieved from the whole thing that you have registered, you can immediately see what is left.
• The if you register a name, you can search recipes from ingredients you select more than one
· You can classify freely place of classification. For example, the type is also good at (such as grain, seasonings and vegetables), and it does not matter (refrigerator, spice shelf, etc.) Location. Usage is free. I can be entered as easy to use.
· There is also a column that contain comments. When you put a like amount of money and where you bought, it will be helpful when viewed later.
· It is easy to notice what is left even if you do not open the refrigerator or the like.

How to use
When you came back from shopping, we will continue to register more and more in the top right corner of the screen from the first "Add New" button.
It is a good idea to enter the name, date and photos, but you can also put a name, etc. later Keep in Sign up for photos only.
If you select a line, you will find recipes of the food that you have selected.
You can edit the date and name and press the right-most "i" mark.

Example 1
Name: if minced deadline: 2014-07-07 Category: Refrigerator
Name: olive oil deadline: 2015-11-07 Category: spice shelf

Example 2
Name: if minced deadline: 2014-07-07 Category: meat
Name: olive oil deadline: 2015-11-07 Category: seasoning

You can see immediately where there it is possible to easily search for what you have registered.
You can search it's an example of the above "if minced meat", "spice shelf", etc., for all items.

You can search recipes by putting the name. You can find a recipe in the "case minced olive oil" If you both chosen in this example.
Please refer to by selecting the ones likely to make.

Management of the expiration date of perishable foods such as meat
Management of those tend to forget spices, etc., expiration date is long
Confirmation of what is remaining seasoning ingredients and
Search recipes using ingredients that are now

Various usage is likely to be the other. If there is a good use interesting Usage and by all means, please contact us (^ ^)

Corresponding pre-tack seal
2x4 (97mm x 67mm)
2x5 (86mm x 51mm)
2x6 (86mm x 42mm)
3x6 (70mm x 42mm)
3x7 (70mm x 42mm)
3x8 (70mm x 34mm)

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