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ENOITALIA is the iOS application, that makes you discover the "Onde Gravitazionali" wine, through the Augmented Reality. "Onde Gravitazionali" is a concept wine dedicated to one of the greatest discoveries man ever made.
Just frame the label of the "Onde Gravitazionali" bottle with your camera and enjoy videos, images and documents about Enoitalia Company.

E “Noi” Italia, the project and vision of a family, that for 30 years, has been dedicated to the production of Italian wine, made by a company not slavishly following century old traditions or the common clichés of wine industry. A healthy company that, for 30 years, developed an unique concept of production, export and promotion of Italian wine worldwide.

Walking the path of markets’ globalization, it broke every classic pattern with a new and original language, capable of creating a dialogue with everyone, where wine, offspring of an alliance between nature, man and the cosmos, is the vehicle of continuous evolution and creativity.

Through the years, Enoitalia has been developing solid relationships in Italy, particularly in the areas that are best suited in viticulture, becoming the largest family owned winery in Italy in terms of productivity, becoming a patron of creativity.

The new company logo, inspired by the Cavandoli’s creative synthesis, breaks away from the typical iconography of the wine sector: a logo that interacts immediately with everyone, like a true ode to joy, still recalling the peculiarity, ethic and deepest values of Enoitalia family. An ante litteram social media, protagonist of sharing and socialization.

The “Noi” (us) in red in the logo summarizes the concept of family as the identity of a nation, Italy, as well as the collective value of a company, whose leadership is at the nexus of the supply chain, that supports the regional and national economy, creating a new kind of “Silk Road” focusing on instilling emotions, transmitting values and spreading Italian culture.

The company itself is talent scout of Italian genius in all fields, particularly in the arts but also in the sciences, which strongly characterizes Italy: genius, of which, at times there seems to be a lack of common knowledge. Hence Onde Gravitazionali, a concept wine dedicated to one of the greatest discoveries man ever made, is going to support the Italian Virgo group, which contributed to this extraordinary discovery with the National Institute of Nuclear Physics.

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