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Egg Timer 2

Egg Timer 2

  • 大小:15.5M
  • 语言:英语
  • 类别:美食应用
  • 系统:ios
With Egg Timer 2 every egg boil succeeds.

The new version of ISI Egg Timer app presents itself in a new attractive design and some new functions.
So you now have the opportunity, in addition to the previously existing standard cooking times (soft, medium and hard-boiled egg) the ability to select an individual cooking time in order to always achieve the best results even with eggs of different sizes.
The new design with a progress bar now offers you a much better overview of the remaining cooking time.
The layout of this app is now designed for portrait and landscape mode. So the app can easily e.g. be operated with an established iPad next to the cooking area.
The app prevents during cooking that your device enters sleep mode. In addition 30 seconds before the end of the selected cooking time you now can hear a ticking sound which heralds the end of the cooking time. So you should not miss the optimal point at which the egg should be taken out of the boiling water.

By default, the app is equipped with an in-app purchase button, with which all advertising can be removed from this app.

So enjoy your perfect breakfast egg.

Of course I'm still grateful for feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Have fun with this app ;)

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    爱死华军软件园了!我好久都没找到这个Egg Timer 2,在这里居然发现它了
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    Egg Timer 2的评论不应该这么冷清啊,我来加把力
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    垃圾Egg Timer 2垃圾Egg Timer 2垃圾Egg Timer 2,特别垃圾。