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Easy Recipes

Easy Recipes

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Easy Recipes
Easy Recipes
Easy Recipes
Easy Recipes
Easy Recipes
Easy Recipes
With our busy lifestyles today, cooking often gets relegated to the bottom of the list. But your life doesn't have to be filled with takeout, frozen TV dinners, expensive restaurant meals, and junk food. With some planning and organization, plus a few new cooking skills, you can make meals using recipes that take 30 minutes or less, using 5 ingredients or fewer.

Cooking and baking your own food means that you will spend less money, offer more nutritious meals to your family, and you'll certainly spend less time in the kitchen than ever before. With the judicious use of convenience and value-added foods, making delicious recipes is easier than ever.

Recipes Categories included are:
30 Minute Meals:
30 Minute Beef Meals
30 Minute Chicken Meals
30 Minute Pasta Meals
30 Minute Meatless Mains

5 Ingredient Recipes:
Beef, Chicken, Fish, Potatoes, Tuna etc.

Quick and Easy Desserts:
Ice creams, Pudding, Cakes, Bread, Cookies etc.

Quick and Easy Grilling:
Chicken, fish, beef, potatoes, pizza, burger etc.

Quick and Easy Side Dish.
Quick and Easy Vegetarian:
Main Dishes
Side Dishes
Soups and Stews

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