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Drinks and cocktails recipes

Drinks and cocktails recipes

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Drinks and cocktails recipes
Drinks and cocktails recipes
Drinks and cocktails recipes
Drinks and cocktails recipes
Drinks and cocktails recipes
Are you not happy cos Summer is here?? Are you getting bored of the sodas available in the market?? Are you ready for something new?? How about 5000 new drinks?? Yes you heard it right, and yes its Free.
Introducing Drinks Recipe, this summer 'Beat the Heat' by the most amazing app ever. Over 5000 Drink & Cocktail recipes both alcoholic and non alcoholic at the tap of your fingertips. Now you don't need to wonder at bars cos now you know what bartenders are putting into your expensive drinks, all in one single app.
Not only will you find your favorite delicious Drinks recipes, but they are broken down into convenient categories according to the type of Drinks you want to make. Interesting and Quick Video recipes will show you exactly what to do, and Daily Recipes will give you brand new recipes EVERY DAY!!
There is also a section for Kid's drinks, so that they start Loving you more. Isn't that Amazing??
Here's just a little taste of what you'll get:
* Cherry Kiss
* Anti-Stress drink
* Apple kvass
* Avocado daiquiri
* Banana green peach smoothie
* Banana-oat smoothies
* Barley water
* Berry punch
* blackberry gin
* Breakfast in a glass
* Cappuccino at home
* Carrot and celery with fresh grapefruit
* Chocolate cognac
* Chocolate lassi
* Chocolate-banana smoothie
* Cocktail - Romance Sage
* Cocktail - Tequila Sunrise
* Cocktail "Bellini"
* Cocktail «aravika»
* Cocktail with orange juice and ice cream
* Cocktail with quail eggs
* Coffee Latte
* Compote
* Compote of dried fruits
* Cranberry champagne cocktail with orange
* Cranberry juice
* Cream shake with cookies
* Drink chamomile, carrot and orange
* Drunk pear cocktail
* Espresso
* Gin with cucumber
* Ginger Cranberry Cocktail
* Home brew
* Homemade lemonade with rosemary
* Honey-lime margaritas
* Hot chocolate with spice
* Ice cappuccino
* Kissel of dried apricots
* Laymonad with parsley
* Matta-hot lemonade
* Milk-banana cocktail with cookies
* Mulled wine
* Non-alcoholic punch
* Orange-ginger mead
* Papaya Punch
* Pineapple lassi
* Pumpkin pudding
* Raspberry and chocolate shake
* Raspberry-banana smoothie with cereal
* Red currant juice
* Salty lassi with mint and zira
* sangria
* Smoothie of kale, spinach, and pears
* Smoothie with cream cheese
* spicy michelada
* Strawberry smoothie cheesecake
* Strawberry-peach daiquiri
* Uzvar of dried fruits
* Vanilla Pear bubbly cocktail
* Watermelon with lime slush

Now you can save a lot of time and effort and find that perfect recipe you've been looking for! No more need to flip through dozens of cookbook or magazine pages. Everything you need is right here in this easy-to-use app. These recipes are tested and true and won't let you down. It's just not a recipe for DRINKS, It's a recipe for 'HAPPINESS'.
Search for recipes by:
• Name
• Ingredients
• Drink category
• Alcoholic
• Non Alcoholic
• Kids
Whether you're a novice bartender or a full-blown mixologist, you've got to download this app.So "ENDEAR" to summer cos "Drinks Recipe" is here.

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