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Drinkin' Buddy

Drinkin' Buddy

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Drinkin' Buddy
Drinkin' Buddy
Drinkin' Buddy
Drinkin' Buddy
Drinkin' Buddy
Drinkin' Buddy
- Monitors your blood alcohol levels, providing warnings when it's not safe to drive, as well as several other humorous advisories based on your consumption
- Keeps a running total of your bill, taxes, and tip
- Finds local bars
- Integrates with Facebook
- Can find local taxis when you have had too much to drink
- Gives information on your level of impairment in both fun and accurate ways

Have you ever had a big surprise when your bar tab arrived at the end of the evening? One of three things has happened:

You lost track of how many you ordered... have you had too many?
Your server/bartender made a mistake
Your server/bartender thinks you've had too many, and won't notice a few extra drinks on your tab... they are ripping you off.

In the last two cases, are you going to argue with them? It's your word against theirs... and you've been drinking.

Drinkin' Buddy solves all these problems.

Simply enter your sex and weight, the price of your drink, and tap the drink photo when you order. The app automatically keeps track of your running total, as well as calculating tax and tip total based on your input.

Not only this, but Drinkin' Buddy keeps track of your blood alcohol level*, warns you when you've had too much, and provides info on your condition based on that level.

Every time you order a new beverage, you tap the drink icon in front of the server/bartender and if they are curious, explain you are keeping track of your blood alcohol level. The number of drinks ordered is indicated in a very large font – they will know you are counting and so be more careful/less inclined to add extra drinks to your tab. You avoid the argument entirely.

You'll also know when it's really time to go home because you've either reached your budget, or your condition is less than optimal!

Other blood alcohol calculators require you to enter a bunch of information after the fact. The thing is, you've been drinking! Will you enter it correctly? Drinkin' Buddy employs a bright interface, easily used in darkened bars, and is so simple to use you won't make mistakes, as you account for drinks as you order them. At the end of the evening, simply tap the Stop Drinkin' button and it will account for your last drink consumed. Tap the info icon any time you want to update your stats and get some information about your present condition.

*Note: Blood alcohol level calculation is approximate and is subject to many individual factors. Do not drink and drive! This application uses standard drink units for its calculations.

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