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Drink Water Reminder

Drink Water Reminder

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Drink Water-Track it, stay fit

-Hydrate yourself by automatic water drinking reminders and track your progress!

Use to FREE
- Drink water with this great app
- there are more Useful option in this app
- tap to start
- history
- drink water
- chart
- schedule
- profile

*Automatically calculates the amount of water needed
*Alerts you to drink water
*Sets the daily target and tracks it
*Awesome graphics to visualize chart statistics and history
*Automatic sleep and meeting mode
*Supports different units of water
*Flexibility to set reminders and automatics sleep mode

- Benefits of drinking water for your health
- it's an effective method of combating stress and tiredness
- Drinking enough water can clear improve up your skin
- Drinking more water can relieve headaches

- What does water reminder do :
- Remind you to drink water
- Allow you to customize your alarms
- Keep track of your drinking history

-Water is very important and has unlimited health benefits. But do you often forget to drink water or too busy to keep the track of amount of water you drink? “Drink Water-Track it, stay fit” is the perfect app for you.! Just feed in the necessary details like age, sex, weight and country and the app “Drink Water-Track it, stay fit” will calculate the right and minimum amount of water that needs to be consumed per day as per your location and other details. The app sends you push notification and is the perfect way to track the amount of water you drink. “Drink Water-Track it, stay fit” is a must app for everyone for a healthy body and healthy mind.!

“Drink Water-Track it, stay fit” is designed beautifully with great and healthy animated graphics to make it easier for the users to quickly visualize their right intake of water quickly. You can also modify the sound or alert ringtone. Ensure to make it unique and noticeable tone so that you stay alert and never misses it off.! The app "....." keeps you sending the alert notification until you have consumed the right amount of water ensuring that you are always hydrated and water reaches your body continuously. The app allows you to set reminders based on your availability timings and also keeps track of your sleeping time, meetings, etc. This smart “Drink Water-Track it, stay fit” app is an important app needs to be present in your smart device.

this is the great app your health and daily routine use

Download the app “Drink Water-Track it, stay fit” now and keep up your water chart statistics and health statistics always in place. The app also supports other features to make the user experience better like flexibility to switch between ml, oz and other units, tracking your past intake of water, displays the remaining amount of water and lot more. Get the app and always stay fit by completing your daily target of drinking water.!

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