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DiWineTaste Mobile

DiWineTaste Mobile

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DiWineTaste Mobile
DiWineTaste Mobile
DiWineTaste Mobile
DiWineTaste Mobile
DiWineTaste Mobile
DiWineTaste Mobile
DiWineTaste, the monthly magazine about wine culture and information, always with you on your mobile device.
You can read the magazine on the screen of your iPhone or iPad, use the main services available for our readers, such as, Wine Guide, Wine Place Guide and EnoGames.
With DiWineTaste Mobile you will always be up to date about wines and distillates published by our tasting committee by simply touching your screen.
Besides having all the issues of DiWineTaste at hand, our application will also offer you the following tools, widely appreciated and used by our readers and also available on our web site.

- Wine of the Day: the daily advice from our editorial staff about the most interesting wines

- Podcast: listen to Antonello Biancalana hosting DiWineTaste Podcast, focusing on wines, grapes and wine tasting

- Wine Guide: a powerful enogastronomical tool where you can browse the wines of our Guide - with more than 4800 wines available - and to discover the best pairing for your favorite food. Just enter the name of the dish and the application will give you the best wines to be paired with it

- Aquavitae: DiWineTaste distillate Guide, with more than 250 reviews, published by our tasting committee

- What's Around Me: discover the wine places around you! With just a tap on your screen you will get a map with all the restaurants, wineshops and more near your position.

- Wine Place Guide: a tool for discovering the places around your position where you can enjoy a good wine, for a pleasing evening in company of your friends. Please note, at the moment, only Italy is covered by this Guide.

- Events: you will always be up to date about our events and to personally meet the most important figures of the world of wine and beer

- EnoGames: EnoQuiz, EnoGlass and EnoTemp. Are you ready to find out how much you know about the world of wine? With EnoQuiz you can test your wine knowledge, whereas with EnoGlass and EnoTemp you can prove your talent as a Sommelier for an impeccable service of wine

- Polls: every month new polls about the world of wine are waiting for you to express your opinion

- Alcohol Test: a practical and handy tool in order to know when "enough is just enough" with the beverage of Bacchus. Moderation is always the best way to enjoy a good wine.

Moreover, you can review your favorite wines and vote your favorite wine places, share them with your friends and organize an evening in good company. You just need to tell your friends the place where you are at, and in a moment they will know you are waiting for them and to spend some good time together.

Disclaimer: Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) calculated by this application must be considered approximate and for entertainment purposes only. Blood Alcohol Content is accurately measured by means of blood or breath analysis only. Blood Alcohol Content is determined by many factors, including metabolism rate, health conditions, medicines intake, frequency of alcohol consumption, amount of food in stomach and intestine, time elapsed from the consumption of food and alcoholic beverages. The calculation provided by this application should not be used to determine whether a person is able to drive.

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