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Beastly Expressions

Beastly Expressions

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Add life to your speech with a variety of phrases, proverbs, slang, and expressions. Beastly Expressions offers over 300 phrases that are all related in one way or another to animals. They range from the fly on the wall to the fly in the ointment and from a fish out of water to drinking like a fish. It’s a crazy menagerie of lions, and tigers, and bears! Oh my!

You can use your iPhone to record how you sound on the digital recorder.

Designed by Ann Cook, author of the best-selling American Accent Training, Beastly Expressions is fun way to pick up American phrases, similes, metaphors, sayings and slang expressions. It’s perfect for beginning, intermediate and advanced students.

This app provides over 300 expressions, each with an explanation and an example of it in use.
Feature Summary:
·  300 sayings, phrases, slang expressions
·  Explanation for each expression
·  Example of each expression in use
·  Digital recorder

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Coming soon: American English: Grammar & Accent, British vs. American English, and Spanish Grammar!
Compatible with iPhone
Requires iPhone 3.0 Software Update
Support is provided at (800) 457-4255.
Chat support is provided at AmericanAccent.com.
Website: AmericanAccent.com

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