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Bear Bingo

Bear Bingo

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It is no secret that bingo and education go well together. For years teachers have used educational forms of bingo to focus the attention of students and reinforce curriculum. Bear Bingo is an educational game covering nine different early education themes:

Counting: Counting objects to find totals from 2 to 10.

1,2,3's: Finding the next number in a series of numbers (up to number 20).

Addition: Adding numbers 1 through 11 to find totals from 2 - 12.

Subtraction: Subtracting numbers 1 through 6 from numbers 2 - 12.

A,B,C's: Finding the next letter in a series of letters.

Letters: Finding the first letter of words beginning with 'A' and ending with 'Z'.

Money: Finding the total of U.S. coins up to $1.00.

Time: Identifying the correct time on an analog clock.

Color: Identifying basic colors.

Bear bingo is best suited for students with fundamental skill sets and shorter attention spans. With 16 different ways to get a bingo and randomly selected tiles, children will not be able to guess what tile comes next!

Game Play

Two points are awarded for correct answers and one point is subtracted for incorrect answers. Players receive a bonus of three points for getting a bingo with all correct answers under 60 seconds (maximum of 15 points). In "Score Mode", players also receive tokens that can be redeemed for prizes.

Four to Eight points: 1 token
Eight to Twelve points: 2 tokens
Fifteen points: 3 tokens

Up to nine players can be saved in "Score Mode". Results are recorded on an individual "Report Card".

Tokens are redeemed for prizes in the "Bear Store". After purchase, prizes appear in the "Bear Room". Prizes come to life with sound and animation when touched.

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    既然这个Bear Bingo是国产软件,那我就会一直支持下去的
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    这个Bear Bingo2好用么,我看大小是0.3MB,跟前一个版本差别并不大