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Beam Wars

Beam Wars

  • 大小:8.3M
  • 语言:英语
  • 类别:动作游戏
  • 系统:ios
Beam Wars
BeamWars - the dynamic optics strategy game for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Traditional board games treat the board simply as a space within which the pieces can move. BeamWars changes the rules by making the board itself a dynamic entity, subject to dramatic and instantaneous change. You play the blue pieces and control the blue beam source. Your opponent - human or robot - plays the red pieces and controls the red beam source. The board squares respond to the beams that pass through them. Squares with blue beams make your pieces more powerful and those with red beams strengthen your opponent. Steer the red and blue beams using the star prism, your two beamsplitters and four mirror pieces.

Control the beams and you control the terrain!

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    我发现1的Beam Wars相比上一版不容易崩溃了,不错不错
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    这个Beam Wars我已经安装了,用起来感觉不错,感谢分享!