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Be Powerful: Gain Confidence, Respect, and Influence

Be Powerful: Gain Confidence, Respect, and Influence

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Be Powerful is an interactive course which builds your confidence and improves your social skills.

It's designed to transform you into a confident, powerful individual, by simply following a step-by-step procedure. It's that simple.

How it works:

In chapter 1, "Erase Social Fear", you will use Neuro-Linguistic Programming to eliminate social anxiety and the "fear of rejection".

In chapter 2, "Build Confidence", you will use several techniques employed by psychologists to build your confidence or what we will call "self-belief". This section includes a hypnotherapy session designed to improve your self-esteem and foster positive internal dialogue.

In chapter 3, "Exude Social Power", you will examine how to walk, move, and talk, so that your exterior matches your confident interior. This will allow you to exude a calm assertive energy and fill a room with your presence.

And finally in chapter 4, "Be Persuasive", you will finish the course by examining how you can use your new internal and external power to influence the decision-making process in the minds of others. This will ensure that not only are you confident enough to take advantage of opportunity, you can create opportunity as well.


Course's Checkpoints Include:

1. Erasing Social Phobia
2. Relieving Social Anxiety
3. Building Confidence
4. Maintaining Confidence
5. Exuding Social Power
6. Building Rapport with Others
7. Utilizing Persuasive Tactics
8. Using the Socratic Method of Influence
9. And many more... (24 in total)

Hypnotherapy session is 20 minutes in duration.
Also Includes an Interactive EFT Walkthrough


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    用了很多年Be Powerful: Gain Confidence, Respect, and Influence了,真心觉得它在生活服务里一直很出色,希望它能一直强大下去。