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Battle of Words - Party Game

Battle of Words - Party Game

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  • 语言:英语
  • 类别:动作游戏
  • 系统:ios
Battle of Words - Party Game
Battle of Words - Party Game
Battle of Words - Party Game
Battle of Words - Party Game
Battle of Words - Party Game
Battle of Words - Party Game
Battle of Words is a Taboo game, or in another words simple, addictive, incredibly funny word guessing party game. Perfect for playing with friends, family or colleagues. Great fun guaranteed. Make sure to check it out!


"Because of the list of forbidden words each player has to think of completely different ways to describe the keyword and it is hilarious!" - Tommy Thompson,
TheIphoneAppReview (score: 9/10)

"I tried it. It is really addictive and full of fun" - Alfred Smith, IphoneAppsReviewOnline (score: 4/5)

"Battle of Words is an exciting word game for any age group" - Himanshu, IphoneFootPrint

"Battle of Words is a tremendously enjoyable word game" - Jeff Cormier, TheiPadFan

TOP 1 Paid Game in Poland!
TOP 25 Paid App in category Games/Word in United States, United Kingdom, Italia, Germany, Spain, Nederland, China, Egypt, Sweden, Norway and more!
TOP 100 Paid App in category Games/Word in Australia,Canada, Ireland, Portugal,India, Belgium, Israel, Mexico, Peru and many many more countries!

The game has a positive effect on thinking, exercises your mind, develops reflexes, teaches to associate.

The game does not require an Internet connection.

Get more points. Scoring points depend on guessing keywords without the use of forbidden words contained in the cards of game.

* 1000 keywords + 5000 forbidden words
* 100 "users" keywords + 500 forbidden words (these game cards were submitted by Battle of Words's dedicated players).
* Next 1000 keywords available with In-App Purchase at 0.99$
* iPad and iPhone(iPhone 5 too) support (Universal Binary)
* Submit cards
* Duration of the round
* Number of points to win
* Penalty points
* Music and sounds
* Game Statistics
* Multitasking support

* English
* German
* Spanish
* Polish

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