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Basic Hausa

Basic Hausa

  • 大小:54.5M
  • 语言:英语
  • 类别:教育教学
  • 系统:ios
Basic Hausa is the #1 iPhone and iPad app on the App Store that uses everyday words and phrases to teach the Hausa language. Learn Hausa quickly and effectively with this unique app!

This App will take you through essential words and phrases that will help you with basic conversation in Hausa. The App contains 18 lessons packed with high quality audio instruction by a Hausa language professional from Kano in Nigeria.

All the grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation to achieve the goal of basic conversational competence are covered. This App contains a huge amount of material designed in such a way to make learning Hausa as easy and enjoyable as possible!

In addition, this App includes game elements to help motivate you as you learn - earn badges as you take quizzes and progress through the course! There is no other Hausa app like this on the App Store! This App is all you need to start speaking Hausa.

Don't delay learning Hausa any longer! Get this great app now!


What is special about "Basic Hausa"...?

(1) The Application comes with full audio recordings of essential Hausa words and phrases, vocabulary training with clear native pronunciation, the ability to record and playback your own recordings for comparison with the native speaker, and short and enjoyable interactive quizzes for each lesson!

Basic Hausa comes packed with 18 lessons for learning Hausa with no previous knowledge of the language.

(2) The interface of the program, whether iPhone or iPad, provides you with a simple enjoyable user experience! You can easily go from listening to a word or phrase to recording and checking it with the native speaker.

(3) The App includes a motivation feature where badges are awarded for completing the lesson quizzes! Score 100% on all 18 quizzes to get the ultimate "Excellent Badge"!

You will love these unique features of Basic Hausa!...

Basic Hausa boasts over 1600 sound files to make your Hausa language learning experience so much more real and enjoyable! Get it now!

If after updating to the new version the app crashes at the first screen, please remove the app from your device and install it again from iTunes. It will work fine. Thanks a lot.

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