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Basic English Course

Basic English Course

  • 大小:20.1M
  • 语言:英语
  • 类别:教育教学
  • 系统:ios
Basic English Course
Basic English Course
Basic English Course
Basic English Course
Basic English Course
Basic English Course
English is the most widely used language. In commerce, education, etc. English is the prime language of communication.
This Basic English Course App: A Fun app Of Functional Language, Grammar And Vocabulary comes in handy to learn the structure and usage of the language.
It teaches the nuances of the language, how to read, and to write with fluency and confidence.
This app is comprehensive, contemporary, fun, and highly interactive.
This app is specifically suited for the Indian learner, as it deals with the difficulties that might arise due to the stark contrasts between Indian languages and English.
This app is designed to make sure the learner will be able to communicate and interact in any situation, especially with someone whose first language is English.
It is designed in a manner that is fun to read and not just plain and boring instructions.
With the help of this app, the readers can benefitted in the grammar and vocabulary of the language.

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    这个Basic English Course1.1好用么,我看大小是20.1MB,跟前一个版本差别并不大