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Bank Shot Calculator

Bank Shot Calculator

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Bank Shot Calculator
Bank Shot Calculator
Bank Shot Calculator
Bank Shot Calculator
Bank Shot Calculator
Clyde Ellis, a 20 year Navy SEAL and owner of Offensive Billiards, has set his sights on the global billiard market with a device for calculating bank and kick shots. The patented “Bank Shot Calculator” can eliminate ball-in-hand from your opponent’s game.

The Bank Shot Calculator is easy to use:
1. Start the app and you will see a pool table.
2. Position the object ball and cue ball on the table.
3. Touch the rail(s) you want to hit.
4. Touch the target pocket.
5. The shot is displayed and a numerical solution explains where to hit the rail(s).
6. Double tap to zoom in on the impact point and see exactly where to hit the rail by aid of the patented “rail ruler.”

Previously, no tool allowed a player to replicate their bank shot, calculate a solution for the shot, or take the shot with them to study later. But now there’s the Bank Shot Calculator. Calculate any bank shot, any where, any time, no table required. “I spent 38 years dreaming of having a bank shot. I turned that dream into a reality and so can you”. Read my story and see how necessity truly is the mother of invention.

The Bank Shot Calculator calculates single-rail Bank and Kick Shots, advanced Bank Shots, and multi-rail Kick Shots.

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