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Ballet Day

Ballet Day

  • 大小:64.9M
  • 语言:英语
  • 类别:动作游戏
  • 系统:ios
It’s a brand new day and our ballerina is ready to wake up and have an amazing Ballet Day! It all starts in her bedroom, where she needs to tidy the room up, get dressed and prepare her dance bag. Then, she’s ready to have a healthy breakfast, brush her teeth and put her hair up into a bun to go to ballet class. On her way to the Ballet School, she stops by the Ballet Shop to pick some dashing new pointe shoes and clothes. At the School, help our ballerina to clean up the studio and decorate it to improve her practice! Finally, head to the theatre and help her prepare for the show by choosing her makeup and ballet costume - she will shine like a star!

This game consists of 6 mini games:

Bedroom: The day starts and the ballerina wakes up. Help her tidy up her room by making her bed, put her plush toys on their place, dress up for ballet class and prepare her dance bad with everything she’ll need: pointe shoes, bottle of water..

Kitchen: What’s for breakfast today? Something healthy so our ballerina is full of energy for the day. Help her prepare a bowl with yogurt, oats and fruits, and pour some orange juice. A complete and sweet breakfast for any dancer!

Bathroom: After having breakfast, a good habit is to always brush our teeth, just like this gorgeous ballerina! Assist her in brushing her hair and putting it up in a bun. Then add a hair net , lots of bobby pins and hairspray so the hairdo lasts all day! Our ballerina is ready to go out on an adventure!

Ballet Shop: Which clothes are appropriate to take to ballet class? Learn the difference with our ballerina and help her pick the right items to buy! Also, get her a new pair of pointe shoes and learn how to sew the ribbons in and darn the platforms. Finally, customize the pointe shoes as you want: you can change the color, the ribbons, add rhinestones, have different kinds of bindings, etc. Ever dreamt of having a different pair of pointe shoes every day? In this game, you surely can!

Ballet School: Before starting the ballet practice, the studio needs some cleaning up! Get rid of the dust, mop the floors until they are super shiny, clean up the mirrors and polish the barre. It looks like a brand new Ballet School! But perhaps it needs some decoration… you can add posters, plants and even a piano, so our ballerina is happy rehearsing for the big show!

Ballet Theatre: It’s time to get ready for the performance! Will our ballerina be dancing a swan role, or perhaps something a little bit more modern? It’s up to you! Mix & match different kinds of face, eye and lip makeup to create your own unique look! Add glitter and other special fx like contact lenses, and top it off with a hair accessory. After the makeup is done, let’s move on to the dressing room, where the theatre’s costume designer has created the most beautiful tutus and bodices. Match our ballerina’s makeup to her clothes, or choose something different to create an extraordinary costume look.

Educational Value: Ballet Day was created to promote the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle through dedication to a sport. Through fun activities such as customisable stage make-up and costumes, kids will get to experience this expressive art form and what it takes to be a ballerina. The game aims to show a character who conveys a healthy image and good habits through activities such as tidying her room, brushing her teeth, practising her routine and after much dedication and hard work performing at the theatre in her final show. The character is designed to represent different ethnicities, showing ballet as an inclusive art form and an excellent discipline to learn great values for life!

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