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Ballerina 2nd Grade Learning Games School Edition

Ballerina 2nd Grade Learning Games School Edition

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Does your precious one dream of becoming a ballerina dancer?

Does she imagine herself in a tutu and pointed shoe, dancing with flawless, graceful movements to soaring musical numbers? Then Ballerina Grade 2 Games is for her.

With a ballet-themed animations to keep their attention delightfully captivated, this app lets your dreamer participate in layers of fun while learning the key skills for Second Grade Math and English. Covering a variety of 2nd grade activities designed to promote learning, this second grade Math and english app app is a great means to give your child’s learning skills a boost. Exercises such as identifying sentence parts, verb tenses, punctuation, synonym and antonym and spelling are designed to develop their thinking and language skills in both written and oral form. The basic Math for kids will help your young learners build their fluency in fundamental Math operations like addition, subtraction and multiplication, and develop their understanding of place values and number sentences.

The Math exercises will help your second grader build their skills in basic Math operations in addition, subtraction and multiplication and develop their understanding of place value and the operations of the number sentences.

1. Multiplication- the number sentence is illustrated by objects to help kids find the right answer
2. Place Values: helps identify the place value of a number in a multi-digit number.
3. Parts of a Sentence: enhance your grammar by identifying which is/are the noun(s), verb(s) or adjective(s) in a sentence
4. Alphabetical Order of words: exercise skills to arrange alphabetically.
5. Numbers: identify odd, even, and negative number as well as compare value of whole numbers
6. Spelling: practice spelling of Grade Two target words
7. Money: recognize coins and notes and learn to add coins and notes
8. Punctuation: hone writing skills by knowing the correct punctuations to be used (comma, colon, semi-colon, etc..)
9. Math: practice addition and subtraction and number sentences
10. Verb Tenses: develop grammar by identifying present, simple and future tenses.
11. Synonyms and Antonyms: widens vocabulary by learning antonyms and synonyms of target words.

1. Featuring our enchanting ballerina character that will guide the learner through all activities.
2. Provides a variety of interactive and stimulating activities that can be achieved in one sitting
3. Relevant and useful for second graders; it targets core skills on Math and English
4. Allows mastery of skills: some activities have many levels of difficulty
5. Can be used as a supplement for second graders who are having difficulty with Math and English Two-in-One: covers fundamental skills in both Math and English

While acting as a channel for parent’s to bond with their children during family play time, these games for second grader can also be a tool for parents to become involved in their child’s learning through coaching. Parents can also monitor their kid’s performance in each activity through the learning stats board that shows their scores and percentages. Put together as a wonderful spectacle, Ballerina Grade 2 Games, can be a sight and a sound that will move your child to heights of learning never before experienced.

Let your child’s ballerina dreams come true!

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