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Bais Toras Menachem

Bais Toras Menachem

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Bais Toras Menachem of LA, established in 5769/2008, combines Yeshiva/Smicha studies and academic/career training program for bochurim who require something different than the boiler plate Yeshivah model; a program that caters to highly individualistic goals and pursuits.

Our criteria was very well defined: we were targeting a group of sincere bachurim, from good homes, who were looking for a high quality learning program, but for various reasons were not well suited to the “regular” system. Far from being an institution that caters to “second tier” bachurim, BTM has become a top notch destination that appeals to students looking for an alternative to the existing Yeshivos, and a facility whose smaller size and comfortable environment enables them to flourish. having a clearly defined goal becomes a strong motivational factor. As a two-year program, the students need to demonstrate a firm commitment. Our Maggid Shiur Rabbi Levi Chazan developed a demanding program that encouraged the boys to excel, culminating in a rigorous examination by the esteemed Rav Elchanan Tauber, Mora D’asra of K’hal Yehuda in Los Angeles.. By balancing a well-rounded curriculum of Smicha studies, Chassidus, Halachah and Hashkafa with career training in the afternoons – the program has enjoyed phenomenal success in keeping its students engaged on all levels. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, but the learning is solid and rigorous.

The uniqueness is that we combine the Limudei Kodesh with time for other recreational and educational pursuits (such as hikes, sports, trips, music, cooking). BTM offers the opportunity to earn an AA degree in Business Management through Ort College which covers many fundamental topics and skills important for entering today's corporate world. There are shluchim (mentors) who help organize the Extra- curricular program, farbrengens, trips, and Shabbatons. The students of BTM are often engaged by many of the local Shluchim who involve them in outreach programs (especially surrounding the Yomim Tovim such as Chanukah and Purim) each according to the student’s individual skills and inclinations. The students are likewise warmly welcomed and embraced by the community of Los Angeles, making them feel as an integral part of the “Anash Family”, which they certainly are.
Many BTM students are B”H married and have embarked upon their next stage in life to build a ‘Bayis Ne’aman b’Yisroel’ upon the Y'sodos of Torah & Mitzvos, especially equipped with the practical knowledge gained by obtaining Smicha, as the Rebbe wanted each man to be the 'Rav of his home'.

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