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Bacteriophage 3D

Bacteriophage 3D

  • 大小:149 M
  • 语言:英语
  • 类别:教育教学
  • 系统:ios


DOWNLOAD MARKER FROM THIS LINK : http://www.augmenterapp.com/marker.jpg

Features of the Bacteriophage 3D App:

1) Educators can Zoom and Rotate the 3d model of Bacteriophage .
2) Students can teachers can Take apart .
3) Each layer or object can be made Glassy to see through.
4) Teacher can Label or Title every object or layer.
5) Analyse feature allows educators for show special focus on a specific part of the Bacteriophage 3D. This helps is focus education.
6) Snap feature allow you to save the image of the 3D or augmented reality model. This image can be used for your next project or learning. Share or upload or print the images to showcase it to your friends.
7) Pen tool allows teachers to draw or pin specific parts of the Bacteriophage .
8) The AR button allows you to bring the model from virtual world to real life situation by placing the camera on a marker.

版本: 1.1 | 更新时间: 17-07-20 展开更多



Bacteriophage 3D评论

  • 1楼 华军网友 2016-02-06 11:37:11
    这个Bacteriophage 3D好用么,相比上个版本变化大不大,我看安装包大小都已经这么大了了
  • 2楼 华军网友 2016-12-14 12:10:59
    这个Bacteriophage 3D我已经安装了,用起来感觉不错,感谢分享!
  • 3楼 华军网友 2016-05-25 11:04:26
    爱死华军软件园了!我好久都没找到这个Bacteriophage 3D,在这里居然发现它了