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Buzzin uses Augmented Reality technology to allow you to explore the city in a new, interactive and entertaining way. Overlaying the physical world with the virtual world, supplying you with important information about your surroundings and helping you to see what’s ahead of you!

There’s something for everyone to enjoy Manchester— from restaurants and bars to art galleries and museums, from travel information to fashion. Buzzin welcomes you on your arrival with a quick scan of the city highlights. Moreover, recommendations are based on personal requirements which makes the experience even smoother!

With Buzzin you can:

***Use Advanced Navigation***
No more navigating with your head down. Augmented Reality uses your phone screen to interact with the physical world for advanced navigation.

***Discover New Places***
Discover new places within your city. New bars, restaurants, museums, nightclubs, retailers and many more.

***Play Games and Win Prizes***
Play a variety of Augmented Reality games within the app. Interact with different physical aspects in the city. Play games to win prizes.

Buzzin was created in collaboration with CityVerve - Manchester’s smart city demonstrator. The CityVerve project brings together the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, deployed at city scale to deliver transformative benefits: new business and jobs for Manchester, better healthcare, transport and education, safer streets and more engaged and empowered citizens. It all begins with Buzzin.

Led by Manchester City Council, the consortium of 21 organisations is backed by Government and Innovate UK. For more information, please visit www.cityverve.co.uk or follow CityVerve on Twitter at @CityVerve.

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