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Buried Alive: Michelangelo's Secret

Buried Alive: Michelangelo's Secret

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Buried Alive: Michelangelo's Secret
Buried Alive: Michelangelo's Secret
Buried Alive: Michelangelo's Secret
Buried Alive: Michelangelo's Secret
Buried Alive: Michelangelo's Secret
Buried Alive: Michelangelo's Secret
Everyone knows Michelangelo. But did you know he once hid in fear for his life? That’s the mystery at the heart of this multi-media mobile Story App by Time Traveler Tours.

Discover Renaissance Florence – the city that invented western art – through the eyes of one of its true geniuses with BURIED ALIVE. Unearth the secret that Michelangelo took to his grave.

The collaboration of award-winning author Mary Hoffman (Stravaganza Series and David, The Unofficial Biography) and multi-media artist Sarah Towle, BURIED ALIVE promises to please eager tourist, history buff, and armchair traveler alike. Its groundbreaking format weaves world-class storytelling together with acted audio narration, archival illustrations, video, and gamification to bring the history of Florence and the Renaissance to life at home and school, in the city and its museums.

With 22 Treasure Hunts, 7 Challenges, and 8 History Hacks, it is an exciting addition to your next visit to Florence.

Time Traveler Tours are story-driven treasure hunts to historic places. They combine the traditional power of narrative with the magic of the touch screen to create portals to the past. They put the story back in history on interactive devices in the palm of your hand. They #TurnHistoryOn.

BURIED ALIVE takes you to 16th century Florence with Michelangelo as your guide. You’ll walk the streets Michelangelo walked. You'll see the sights that Michelangelo saw. You’ll time-travel to an era remembered for one of the greatest creative explosions ever – the very reason people flock to Florence today. You’ll meet the mighty Medici and discover through Michelangelo’s eyes why they wanted his head.

• Listen and/or read along as Michelangelo transports you to his Florence.

• Feel as if you are there – an eyewitness to history – as you learn how he came to carve one of the most iconic sculptures the world has ever known: David.

• Engage with Michelangelo’s Florence through treasure hunts, challenges, and other immersive activities.

• Interact not just with your device, but with your companions and, most importantly, the glories that surround you, all the while gaining a deeper understanding of the time and place in which Michelangelo lived – and nearly met an untimely end.

What better way to learn about the past than to immerse yourself in it?

Whether in Florence on the ground or in your imagination, visit these historic points of interest with the master and his contemporaries:

• The Duomo
• Casa Buonarroti
• Piazza della Signoria
• Bargello Museum
• San Lorenzo Church
• Medici Chapel New Sacristy

Did you know that while in hiding, Michelangelo covered the walls of his cramped quarters with sketches? Did you know they would go undiscovered for 446 years?

Find out all about this – and much, much more – with BURIED ALIVE by Mary Hoffman and Time Traveler Tours.

In every tale we publish, every app we produce, and every tour we map out, we Turn History On.

Our mission is to ensure that no one says, “History is boring!” ever again.

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