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Bonanza A36 Osborne Tips Weight and Balance Cal

Bonanza A36 Osborne Tips Weight and Balance Cal

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A weight and balance calculator for the Beech Bonanza A36. This calculator is for serial numbers E2111 and above, with Osborne tip tanks (1984 and on). If your aircraft does not have Osborne tip tanks, please use the app for a standard A36 or the app with the D'Shannon tip tanks.
Enter the weight (in pounds) for each position in the aircraft, and the amount of fuel (in gallons) for the mains and tip tanks, and the calculator will let you know if you are out of limits on weight or CG. The forward and aft CG limits are calculated using formula derived from the aircraft limit chart. You can move the arm positions for the front and center seat rows, the aft seats are locked per the POH. Correct cargo and bag loading is verified.

If the proposed take off weight is greater than the standard take off weight, but less than the STC take off weight, a message is displayed. You must have the STC to use this additional weight.

If proposed fuel burn is entered (in gallons), a landing CG check is performed. Fuel is presumed to burn from the tip tanks first. Proper cargo loading positions are also checked- an invalid loading configuration will not add the cargo weight and moment to the aircraft calculations.

Bonus material! A quick reference for the aircraft V-speeds and other interesting aircraft specific numbers.

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