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Boise Trails

Boise Trails

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Boise Trails
Boise Trails
Boise Trails
Boise Trails
Boise Trails
Get more from your Boise experience with the Best trail maps for the Boise area on your iPhone. View maps, profiles, directions to trail heads, and trail information with this easy to use app.

When you have the app, you have the map. The app works without cell phone coverage or having to download or cache anything. Yes, you read that correctly. No need to be connected to the matrix at all. Make technology work for you while you are outside having fun. No zooming and panning to a particular area before you leave. No worries about cell coverage or Wi-Fi hotspots. You are supposed to be outside enjoying yourself. Just grab the app from the store and you have all the info in your pocket.

Wherever you go, there you are. How often have you wished there was a “you are here” dot on your trail map or guidebook? Well now there is! We all know how useful the “blue dot” is to show you where you are in town or on the road. Now you can take advantage of easy navigation on your back-country trail adventures.

Guidebook info at a fraction of the cost. Save yourself a pre-trip Amazon order and get all the relevant info from a $12-$30 guidebook/map for a fraction of the price. So what are you waiting for: download the app, check out the map, and get outside to play.

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