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BoatSafe Free

BoatSafe Free

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BoatSafe Free
BoatSafe Free
BoatSafe Free
BoatSafe Free
BoatSafe Free
BoatSafe allows boaters and sailors to create a plan for their outdoor activities and provide email communication to other participants and emergency contacts. BoatSafe allows the user to document:

Car/Trailer Information
Vessel Information
Excursion Information
Marina Information
Supply List
Float Plan Notes

The user can then email the plan to the participants and/or emergency contacts.

Each plan allows for a status indicator and to keep a history of all float plans. Every previous plan can be copied and updated with the new relevant information such as passengers and date. The user can then email the plan to the passengers and/or emergency contacts.

Along with standard water safety, float plans provide a valuable tool for potential rescue in case of an emergency. Frequently, boaters worry about the number of life jackets on board or whether flares have expired, but fail to tell loved ones exactly where they will be and when is the time to start worrying.

As with any outdoor activity, events can happen no matter how prepared someone is. Simply hitting an uncharted rock can ruin a prop and engine. You could lose your balance while navigating rough seas. If loved ones know where you plan to boat, potential rescuers will have an idea of where you might be, which could hasten a rescue.

Warning: BoatSafe is not an emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) and does not provide rescue services. Please use your head and responsibly carry necessary provisions

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