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Black Box Aviation

Black Box Aviation

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Black Box Aviation is designed to create maintenance records that are searchable, easily shared, securely backed up in the cloud, and that contain more robust information than traditional paper. It is free to use because we want to build an aircraft maintenance community that is available to everyone.

Black Box Aviation has three core features:

Logbooks – The logbook portion of the app is a place to create and store entries for airframe, engine, propeller, avionics, or APU maintenance. Logbooks stored in the app can be shared with maintenance providers electronically in order to minimize the risk of losing records during transport. Logbook entries created within the app can have pictures attached directly to individual work items, diminishing the mess of parts approval forms or any question about what work was accomplished. Maintenance personnel can sign entries and send them to an owner for review directly within the app. There are also built-in folders for 337 forms, AD logs, discrepancy logs, and tracking forms. Paper logs can be uploaded so that old and new records will be stored together in the cloud.

Network – The app’s network is built to connect maintenance providers with aircraft operators in a way that benefits everyone in the community. Maintenance providers can advertise their services and expertise. Owners can search for shops or services, read reviews, and even leave a review when they have an exceptional experience. Operators can share records with a shop prior to and during a maintenance event, as well as messaging directly within the app during maintenance.

Search – Searchable records are a major benefit of electronic logbooks, making it simple to find information quickly. Black Box Aviation has gone one step further by also making it possible to search all of the records that are created by its users, and then displaying them without any personal information so that privacy is protected. By making maintenance data available to our users we intend to give them the collected power of that information. Our community will have the power to more quickly troubleshoot and identify common problems, and to catch trending maintenance issues early in order to save time, money, and even lives.

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    呵呵,没想到Black Box Aviation还会有这么多人喷,你们会用么?自己笨还怨软件不行,多学习学习再来吧。
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    为什么我更新了Black Box Aviation的1.1.2之后,电脑偶尔会卡一下?大家有遇到同样的情况么?
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    下载完Black Box Aviation以后提示有毒?是我电脑的问题还是软件的问题啊,不应该有这种情况。