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BJJ Finder.

BJJ Finder.

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BJJ Finder.
BJJ Finder.
BJJ Finder.
BJJ Finder.
BJJ Finder.
BJJ Finder.
Looking for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) events, schools, gyms, camps, etc around you? "BJJ Finder" helps you easily find anything related to BJJ such as BJJ Seminars, camps, books, DVD, schools, magazines, news, federations and lot more. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a combat sport or a martial art learned to defend yourself from a large group of people. BJJ is an art that helps a weaker person to defend against a stronger person. Learn and know everything about the BJJ in just few minutes with user friendly app.

"BJJ Finder" is the perfect app for any age group people from school children to business person. As a business person you can see the app to add your business related to BJJ. Know about the various events and latest happenings about BJJ by filtering based on your locality and your interests. The app has a great user interface with well distinguished categories making it easier for the user to search the desired results. The app also contains the calendar of The International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) which contains all the activities related to BJJ like Camps, Seminars, Fight Gear, etc happening around the world and lot more. Follow the calendar and stay updated with all the news about IBJJF Calendar of tournaments to enjoy the sport. You can also share your feedbacks, experience and opinions about the BJJ schools, gyms, events and seminars through reviews and ratings feature.
Download the app "BJJ Finder" today and easily locate the BJJ schools, events, store, etc using your GPS location. The app has a huge database related to BJJ and is frequently updated to let the BJJ enthusiasts stay up to date with all the BJJ related news and events.!

We are constantly working hard on making the “BJJ Finder” app better and more useful for you. We need your constant support to get going. Please feel free to email us for any queries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to say hi. We would love to hear from you. If you have enjoyed any feature of the app, do not forget to rate us on app store. Also, do share this “BJJ Finder” app among your friends.

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BJJ Finder.评论

  • 1楼 华军网友 2017-04-16 20:42:58
    这个1.6.80的BJJ Finder.我发现还是有些历史遗留的小毛病,也不知道下次更新会不会改过来。
  • 2楼 华军网友 2017-02-19 12:43:55
  • 3楼 华军网友 2016-12-12 22:57:11
    最近觉得BJJ Finder.很不错!我经常用体育竞技!