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Bitla PowerX

Bitla PowerX

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  • 语言:英语
  • 类别:商务办公
  • 系统:ios
Bus Operator industry grapples with price wars, competitive promotional campaigns and urge to close the perishable inventory and make sure the service availability is round the clock.

Bus Business Intelligence App (Bus BI) is a guide to success for the Management and provides realtime insight to the Operation, Performance, Revenues and the intelligence on the Occupancy. This makes the management equipped to take action on a realtime basis for strategy planning, initiate corrective steps to increase Occupancy, maximize Revenues and uplift performance to new heights.

Bus BI provides Information Rich Dashboard that provides birds eye view of the Schedule performance, blocked and pending quota seats that can make or break the day's Performance and affect the Revenue and Occupancy that decides profitability.

Revenue is the life of business and cannot afford to have a delay in updates on a gain or loss by even a minute. Bus BI provides instant updates on Revenues from Branches on Services in execution on a Daily basis and the Service Tax collected that makes the main source of income for the operator.

Ensuring Occupancy makes everything simple for any Operator. Bitla PowerX projects the Service wise Occupancy along with Seat status that enables the Operator to understand the trends and make necessary plans to update the services such as consolidate services, add new services based on the market situations thus increasing the occupancy.

Monitoring Performance is the best way to get to a more profitable organization and Bitla PowerX provides this aspect inside out. Performance is monitored on the basis of the Branch profitability and Online sales. In a given range of dates, the Operator can find out the best performing days with respect to the Revenues, Occupancy and these detailed analytical reports enable them to work on the ‘Mantra’ that needs to be adapted to create many more repeats generating similar successful days.

If you do not like to see partly filled services regularly, are Hungry to grab more market share, earn more profits on each schedule you operate along with Increased Revenues, Bitla PowerX is for you.

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