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Bingo Fuel HD

Bingo Fuel HD

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Welcome to Bingo Fuel HD!

Delays, holding patterns and diversions are typically not an everyday occurrence in aviation, but when one or all of these do happen, quick and accurate fuel numbers are critically important.

The term "Bingo Fuel" has its roots in military aviation, but has become widely accepted in all phases as representing the critical fuel number where a decision must be made -- to divert to an alternate, continue to the destination or make an intermediate stop. Simply, your "Bingo" number means that you cannot accept any additional holding or delay and still land with the regulatory amount of fuel required. Many rules of thumb and computational methods exist, and this application allows for their use -- while also providing a standardized framework to take the difficulty out of figuring the Bingo Fuel number.

The application has four main components -- Burn to Destination, Calculate Bingo, Time To Hold, and EFC Time. The Burn to Destination tool computes fuel burn with pilot entry of groundspeed, fuel flow and distance. Calculate Bingo figures your Bingo Fuel number with pilot entry of alternate fuel, reserve fuel, fuel burn and a safety margin, if you choose. Time To Hold figures the number of minutes you may hold with pilot entry of fuel on board, fuel flow and the bingo fuel number. Finally, EFC Time takes information from the Time to Hold component and compares holding time to a user-entered Expect Further Clearance (EFC) time. Detailed instructions are provided in app - no internet connection required!

These tools may be used by themselves, or in combination - values are auto-filled between them for your convenience! Burn to Destination is auto-filled to Calculate Bingo, the Bingo Fuel number is auto-filled over to Time To Hold, and the holding time result is auto-filled to EFC Time.

Designed by a commercial airline pilot, much care was taken to make Bingo Fuel HD clean, user-friendly and efficient. Bingo Fuel HD is non unit-specific and may be used by pilots in all aviation disciplines (general, corporate, military, and airline.) Enter your values, get results and use that information to safely complete your flight.

Clear skies, and thanks for choosing Bingo Fuel HD!

** NOTE ** Please follow your applicable regulations for fuel planning and use of portable electronic devices in flight!

** If you prefer to run this application on an iPhone or iPod Touch, please search for "Bingo Fuel" in the iPhone/IPod Touch App Store. **

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