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BidWilly Pro

BidWilly Pro

  • 大小:2.6M
  • 语言:英语
  • 类别:实用工具
  • 系统:ios
BidWilly Pro
BidWilly Pro
BidWilly Pro
BidWilly Pro
BidWilly Pro
BidWilly Pro
A location-based application for lawn providers that makes it easy to mark a property as ‘completed’ with one click.

This application will automatically display the address of the property you are on and allow you to mark it as being serviced once you are done with servicing a lawn. No need to log onto a computer, this method takes less than a few seconds.

Download and Install this app to your lawn crew’s phone, enter your email and password, and they can access the app at any time until you change your password.

版本: 1.1 | 更新时间: 17-07-17 展开更多



BidWilly Pro评论

  • 1楼 华军网友 2017-06-07 18:57:01
    之前的BidWilly Pro挺好用的啊,一下子就跳到了1.1,反而有点接受不了。
  • 2楼 华军网友 2017-04-03 14:00:26
    这个BidWilly Pro在实用工具里算不算好用的软件啊,之前用过其它的,但是感觉都不是很让我满意。
  • 3楼 华军网友 2016-11-17 20:59:31
    咨询一下这个BidWilly Pro安装起来,普通电脑安装会卡么