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BigBen Timer

BigBen Timer

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  • 语言:英语
  • 类别:实用工具
  • 系统:ios
BigBen Timer
BigBen Timer
BigBen Timer
BigBen Timer
BigBen Timer
BigBen Timer
Welcome to the home of the best timer for speech and debate.

BigBen Timers are specifically designed for use in the speech and debate community. Rather than buying a $12 kitchen timer that you have to carry around with you just download a BigBen Timer. Available for just $0.99 you will save money and ensure you’ll always have a timer available at tournaments.

BigBen Timers:

* Count up from 00:00 to 99:99 – perfect for timing individual event rounds
* Count down from 99:99 to 00:00 – perfect for timing debate rounds and individual event rounds with specific time limits like impromptu or extemp.
* Beeps three times & vibrates when the timer reaches 00:00 to alert you time is up. Works great on airplane mode to avoid any calls/text sounds during the speech.
* Vibrate on each minute to give you a heads up as a judge or competitor so you can be aware of the time remaining. Perfect for judges who need reminders to give time signals (works on most devices).
* Has a Large Timer to make it easy to see while speaking.
* Timer stays visible throughout the speech – the sleep mode has been disabled so your screen will not go dark - much better than the built-in stopwatch.
* Keeps timing even when you leave the app - check facebook during prep time!
* Handles most common debate formats with helpful presets. All the speeches are listed so just scroll through and click each one to keep on track.
* Beautiful backgrounds & updated ios 8 design.
* Specific iPhone & iPad layouts to look beautiful on all devices

BigBen Timers seek to bring fully functional timers designed specifically for the speech & debate community to your iPhone/iPod/iPad. Simply the best timer for forensics!

Developed by Danny Cantrell, Professor of Communication & Director of Debate at Mt. San Antonio College. His other debate projects include forensicstournament.net, EverythingTab.com, and the other forensics app - Impromptu Shuffle. He is a leader in integrating technology into the forensics community.

Please let me know if you have any feedback!

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