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BeUtopian - Smart Society App

BeUtopian - Smart Society App

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BeUtopian - Smart Society App
BeUtopian - Smart Society App
BeUtopian - Smart Society App
BeUtopian - Smart Society App
BeUtopian - Smart Society App
Be Utopian - Your Own Smart Society App.

Today when the world is moving rapidly towards DIGITIZATION, we at Be utopian work with a philosophy to the transform the community you live in, to an Eco-Smart, Sustainable and a Happier Society.

Be Utopian – your Own Smart Society App, a Smart and Time Efficient Society Management tool for Interaction and Communication within your residential, commercials and co-op societies.

Be Utopian – your Own Smart Society App offers a Mobile based (Google Play store, IoS) and a web based common platform for committee members , residents, tenants and society staff for interaction, communication and an efficient management within your society in an Effective, Hassle free and Time saving manner.

Listed are some important features of a Be Utopian – Smart Member App:

Notice Board:
Keep an eye on important Updates of society anywhere, everywhere. Receive society notifications and circulars via push notification in our App. Promote a paperless way of community living.

Your Complain is now just a Click Away, add your complain (text+image) with complete track of date and time to monitor activities. We Promote a Healthier way of Society Living.

Get instant updates of events, society meetings, meeting rescheduling with our instant push notification and reminders. Also generate a list of members interested and attending the event, meetings, via our APP. We promote a Smarter way of Society Living.

Keep your memories alive by sharing society pictures on a common platform. We promote a happier way of Community living.

Get your Voice Heard by starting specific TOPIC based discussions within society members and committee for your complain and issue management. The App also provides a data back up of discussions. We promote a Genuine way of Peaceful living.

Facility Booking
Book common facilities at society from your mobile. The app provides you facility booking platform with integrated calendar to eradicate double bookings, human time and errors. We promote an effective way of Society Living.

Sometimes gathering whole of the society, discussing issues from top to bottom and having differences in opinions consumes ample of time and efforts. Also not all the time decisions are taken, decisions are lagged onto next meeting creating a huge loss of Money and Time to the Society. At Be Utopian Create instant polls with time bound features of voting for Fast, Smooth and an effective way of community living.

Share and update the society about Society rules and important laws for our app. Also get push notifications for the same.

Vendor Directory
Add, update and share reliable & cost effective Trusted vendor directory with your society and members for maintenance and services required to be hired. We promote an Eco-Smart way of society living.

Sell and Buy – Products & Services from your DOORSTEP. Your requirement is A Click away at Be utopian.

Society Directory
Get to know your community and society members with complete Directory of block-wise members including vehicle details. Also get a directory of your committee members and society staff in one page for ease of access. We promote a progressive way of community living.

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  • 1楼 华军网友 2017-04-04 21:43:02
    BeUtopian - Smart Society App虽然是免费软件的,但还是有些问题,有待改进呀~
  • 2楼 华军网友 2017-04-03 14:57:05
    简直是神应用,给BeUtopian - Smart Society App赞一个,会一直支持下去的。
  • 3楼 华军网友 2017-03-22 17:12:04
    我十分赞同楼上对BeUtopian - Smart Society App的评价,我给十分!