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Best Score

Best Score

  • 大小:24.3M
  • 语言:英语
  • 类别:体育竞技
  • 系统:ios
Best Score
This application sells most in Japan !
(Golf section of a sport)

This application program is quite the same function as 'Best Score'.
The difference of the function is only 'Japanese cannot be displayed'.
The price of 'Best Score En' is low.

*The support of the person who bought "Best Score" will continue in the future.


Thank you for your download that surpasses expectations indeed at first of the sale.

1st place was able to be acquired in domestic sports category pay section.

The function is added one by one in response to the demand of everybody.

Ver.1.61(2010/8/19 Examination)
・Measures were done so that the user of iOS3.1.3 or less should not fall.

・When being bought from Ver.1.0 and Ver1.01 improves the version to Ver.1.40, the phenomenon that falls when starting is corrected.

・Golf diary (memo input and photograph sticking)

・For iOS4 (multitask)

In the future, it will live in the upgrade further more , saying that "May buy it" to continue thinking for the handled people repeatedly.

"GPS function"
As for this "Best Score", it thinks about what is necessary, and "What kind of thing can you help to attain?" in top priority by what being considered while actually playing.

Distance..measurement..experience..sensibility..sense..count on..always..body..the..situation..original..natural..reaction..progress..shortcut..think..especially..measurement..function..prepare.
And, concentrating on play is the maximum reason.

- Effect of "Best Score" and a part of feature

1.Because the score need not be calculated in the round for myself, it is possible to concentrate on play.

2.Because the ability value at that time of that day is understood at one view only from doing one place of the score card screen the tap, maintenance and the change of feelings are possible.

3.Need not take it out of the pocket as much as possible to concentrate on play, the function and the entry task are limited.

"It takes out from the pocket, it inputs at once, and put it in the pocket. "

Then, golf of everybody must become more comfortable.

'Best score' (Best Score)

This application program is used to manage the golf score on iPhone.

- Function-
*Please refer to 'BestScore Outline(EN)' of the support blog for details for the character number limitation.

1.Score input
・Score of four (Only I can input the number of putts).
・Fairway, OB, WH, and bunker record
・Power of several real at bats or which it is over can be selected.
・Variegated score display mode
・Score counter
・Lock function
・Score card output
2.Golf diary (photograph sticking)
3.Score analysis and statistics

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