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Best Guide for Vainglory

Best Guide for Vainglory

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Best Guide for Vainglory
Best Guide for Vainglory
Best Guide for Vainglory
Don't play Vainglory without Gamebuddy, LOL

As long as you see this App,you must be a big fan of Dota as we are,and now,we are going to play Vainglory together.

Vainglory is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game by Super Evil Megacorp for iOS. Designed for mobile platforms, it is a simplified version of the PC-based genre where in two opposing teams of three players fight to destroy the enemy base by controlling the path between the bases, which is lined by turrets and guarded by enemy minions. Off the path, players battle for control points that supply extra resources.

Download Gamebuddy and always be up to date with Latest Information and Game Tactics.

So now,you are about to download the best guide app for this games,we call it「Gamebuddy」,it`s a guide book,a database of all the Cards, a video collection,and yes,it`s your Game Buddy!

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