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Bengali Transliteration Keyboard by KeyNounce

Bengali Transliteration Keyboard by KeyNounce

  • 大小:18.8M
  • 语言:英语
  • 类别:实用工具
  • 系统:ios
KeyNounce is the easiest way to type in Bangla/Bengali using just the English keyboard. KeyNounce uses a technique called "transliteration" that enables you to type the Bengali pronunciation in English, instantly giving you back the word written in Bengali.

For example, typing "shagotom" will be converted into the Bengali letters right as you type! It’s simple, fast and super accurate. You don’t need to worry about typing in the exact English spelling for an Bengali word, KeyNounce is smart enough to accept many input spellings for the same output word.

If you can write, or read Bengali, but aren’t used to typing using the Bengali keyboard, KeyNounce is the perfect solution for you.

KeyNounce works in any app! Once you enable the keyboard you’ll be able to easily compose texts, emails, tweets, facebook posts, and search the web in Bengali.

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    在我用过的实用工具软件里,这个Bengali Transliteration Keyboard by KeyNounce算不上是最稳定,最快的,但绝对是最特别的。
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    下载Bengali Transliteration Keyboard by KeyNounce中,希望可以正常使用,别遇到BUG就好了
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    垃圾Bengali Transliteration Keyboard by KeyNounce垃圾Bengali Transliteration Keyboard by KeyNounce垃圾Bengali Transliteration Keyboard by KeyNounce,特别垃圾。