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BeforeNow - Personal Timeline Creator and Journal

BeforeNow - Personal Timeline Creator and Journal

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  • 语言:英语
  • 类别:生活服务
  • 系统:ios
BeforeNow is a personal timeline creator to help you catalog your life events in a visual timeline.

Simply enter life experiences like you would a journal, you can enter events that happened to you in the past or add an event that is planned in the next year.
This diary software will really help your memory recall the great details that happened in your life.

BeforeNow isn't like any other timeline software available.
Most Timeline software focuses on the milestones in your life and treat each event in your life as a single point in time.
BeforeNow will show all events from start to finish.
By using a nonlinear timeline, you can look back and clearly see overlapping events in your life.
i.e. You can scroll to 1996, and clearly see who you were dating, what car you were driving, where you lived, where you went on family vacation, where you were working, etc.
No other software can give you this functionality, and it's all FREE with BeforeNow.

Once your timeline is established you can export a PDF of your events.
BeforeNow gives you the ability to AirPrint, Email or open the File in a PDF reader app such as evernote, dropbox, or iBooks.

When you create an event, you can;
-Add Photos from your camera roll, photostream or Facebook profile 
-Create Maps
-Rate the Event
-Write a note or a little story about the details
-Select the date of the event from start to finish
-Name the event
-Name the location
-List friends that were with you easily from your contacts of Facebook account

Create as many tracks (categories) as you need.
You can even create your own custom tracks, to make the software more personal to you.
To start you off, we've included these default tracks.
-Business trip
-Cell Phone
-Game Console
-Job Title
-Phone Number
-Plane Flights
-Significant other
-Sporting Event
-Tax Return

BeforeNow is completely private, nothing is posted online or to social media.
So Jump in and track any type of information that you'd like.
Try to recall as much as you can, and then add events as they happen in the future.

What did you do, BeforeNow?
Watch the video trailer - http://youtu.be/yZUAUIiGB2M

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    BeforeNow - Personal Timeline Creator and Journal1.4.0顺利下载完成,很不错,BeforeNow - Personal Timeline Creator and Journal最新版本就是棒
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    最近觉得BeforeNow - Personal Timeline Creator and Journal很不错!我经常用生活服务!
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    好桑心,用了其它的生活服务软件后,回过头发现还是这个BeforeNow - Personal Timeline Creator and Journal最适合我了。。